We move your bicycle to & from the event - no box required.

Now from Cape Town

We are different.

No disassembly

We use specialized, enclosed, custom-made bicycle-only vehicles – no boxes and no disassembly. As it should be.

Quick & easy

Now you don’t have to re-build your bike or re-do your setup just moments before the race. Relax before the start.

Go to Safe & secure

Safe & secure

We are covered for goods in transit and can also assist you to with additional or personal cover through Cyclesure.

Enjoy the ride

Don’t worry about your bike.
We'll treat your bike like our own.

We’ve all been there - excited about the race but dreading the travelling. Things can go wrong, especially on a plane. And the last thing you need is a broken bike just moments before the race.

Now you have options. Drop off your bike just the way you like it – 100% race ready. We’ll collect from a local bike shop and meet you at the event. Couldn’t be easier.

And it is great value – no more extra flight, courier or rental car costs and no more time wasted packing and unpacking. We save you time & money. Brilliant.

  • This is a happy business

  • The way you want to be treated

  • Every time

  • Just the way you left it


Philip Olivier

Philip ensures all operations run smoothly and that your bike arrives at the event in perfect nick. Grab a cold beer from him when you return your bike and tell him how your ride went.

Joan Olivier

Joan keeps us on our toes. She ensures that the office runs smoothly and that all your accounts are paid. Many thanks.

Nico Coetzee

Nico started MMB, but has since handed over the reigns to Philip & Joan. He still joins us for the odd event. Nico is also a race organiser and is involved with long distance cycling in South Africa and abroad.

We are cyclists ourselves

We know how expensive equipment is.


Our clients love us. This is what they say.

Moving your bicycle has never been this easy. See all the races we cover.